Welcome to visualization3d.eu

About us:
Our company deals with creating 3D graphics for use in different media. We move existing architectural projects into the virtual three dimensional space creating visualizations of: houses, flats, kitchens, bathrooms and other interior and exterior spaces. Apart from that, we also specialize in creating 3d models and animation. Depending on your needs we create complete, complex 3D scenes and/or separate single elements to be used as parts of bigger external projects.

Virtual walk:
Our latest offer is creating virtual 3D walks which offer a possibility of free user movement in any designed space such as: flat, house, housing estate, warehouse etc. The possibilities of this technology are unlimited and are dependent entirely on your expectations and ideas.

Product delivery:
Our visualizations can be used throughout different media such as: internet, print, photographs, flash movies and TV systems such as HD, PAL and NTSC. Ready product is delivered to you in an electronic version, or printed according to your specification. Single 3D elements of bigger scenes are delivered in one of popular 3D formats enabling easy integration with any 3D software. Virtual walks are delivered as an application which can be launched on any computer.

Virtual walk

3D walk is based on architectural plans or photographs. Construction of furniture and rest of objects placed within the project is based on your ideas or on real models of a particular producer. Using physical model of light enables getting realistic lightning of interior spaces at specific time of the day.